Born in Hallowell, ME USA in 1947, Jim studied piano from 6-12 at Mrs. Tibbett’s in Hallowell and was turned off by this experience. Staying away from music until 17, he then picked up electric bass and played locally until entering the service at 18. A purchase of a Gibson acoustic to take into the service proved a smart move. The same guitar went to Vietnam and was kept in the family until a son decided to smash it for fun.

Jim went to Vietnam in February 1968 and served there until his discharge in 1969. He still stays in touch with a few friends from Nam. I say ‘few friends’ because ‘Jim has no friends because he hates people’ as his British friend Richard would say.

Upon return from Vietnam he entered college and degreed in Computer Science. He then spent 33 years hating what he was doing. In the nineties, he played rhythm guitar and sang with the Deer Hill Band and Four on the Floor playing all those songs he hated. This led to a music break until the VA decided to deny vocation rehabilitation in 2003. This forced an unemployable status and the end of his troubled work history. It also led to a wave of song writing which continues to the present. The “Trying to Find Myself” CD is a random mix of some of his music and he is currently active on his 2nd offering called “What Went Wrong” as well as a mini-CD entitled “My Country Roots”.